Princess Bride Re-Analysis

(PBR) analysis by Denise Bartolome

my Goldman moment

William Goldman, not me

You might be wondering about me but mostly about the stylistic choices for this analysis website. You are also probably the wonderful TA who’s going to grade my project. You may even be Professor Kvasny! For readability, I made a list:

1. PBR – worst beer ever. In the spirit of William Goldman, I decided I’d use this project as an opportunity to create a new (and hopefully, positive) meaning  for the letters PBR. When I started this website, it was originally going to be PBA for Princess Bride Analysis. But then I realized 2 things: first, it’s one letter away from PBR and second, I can totes change that last letter to R because really, Goldman did the first analysis when he created the abridged version of Morgenstein’s Princess Bride. So I did–totes change it to PBR.

2. By creating this website to summarize and analyze the book for IST 130, I am already pulling a Will Goldman.

3. I am listening to Metric/Yeah Yeah Yeah’s pandora station which may be why my writing for this website has been punkish in attitude. But mostly, my informal and carefree attitude stems from 1, the attitude that Goldman displayed in his book and 2, the fun that I’m having in writing this re-analysis. Honestly. I hope you have as much fun perusing the website as well.

4. William Goldman lied to me–apparently he made up the name Simon Morgenstern and the country of Florin. But I still uphold the name PBR because I am stubborn and would like to think that I can keep the name in order to preserve the illusion of the adaptation just as Goldman would have it.
betrayal of a laughing kind


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