Princess Bride Re-Analysis

(PBR) analysis by Denise Bartolome


Similar to movies such as The Truman Show, Ghost in a Shell, and A Scanner Darkly, we see a simulacra of sorts in The Princess Bride. We see this play on what’s real and not real primarily through the reality that Goldman creates using his excisions. He uses the excisions to complement the fantastic tale of Westley, his beloved Buttercup, and friends. The “reality” of the fake history of Florin and Morgensten and the fake family and publishing anecdotes provides readers with a sense of reality. The purpose is to enrich the experience of The Princess Bride because part of the anticipation comes from understanding the process of how the novel was made. In this case, it was fake so do the excisions actually enrich? Yes, because in the end, you are amazed at how real the “reality” in the novel seemed to be. You get a good laugh at yourself as well.

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