Princess Bride Re-Analysis

(PBR) analysis by Denise Bartolome

Goldman’s trickery and what it means

At first, we are left wondering if true love exists because Goldman poses a contradiction when he says that there is no such thing as true love and then shows true love primarily between Westley and Buttercup (but also in the bromance between Inigo and Fezzik).

I think the answer is very subjective but I like to think that the secret to Goldman’s belief lies in how he said each argument. It was in an excision where Goldman said the bit about true love not being real. If you recall, his excisions are actually “fake reality” and if a lot of the things that he said in his excisions were a lie…then it seems to follow that his statement about true love not existing is a “fake statement.” Perhaps he did this in order to highlight the “realness” of true love in a story that is supposed to be fantasy.

We also know that at the end of the book, Goldman completes his phrase about life by ultimately saying, “Life is not fair…but it’s fairer than death.” see here. In a similar fashion, Goldman completes his phrase about true love by showing that it exists but we have to literally find out for ourselves–by Googling. When I googled Simon Morgenstern and Florin, I realized that his excisions were a “fake reality” and thus another “fantasy.” If you put together his “fake reality” (excisions) and “fantasy” (tale of high adventure with Westley and Buttercup and friends), we are left with all fantasy which means that it’s up to us to realize that Goldman really does believe in happiness, life, and the true love that comes with it. If what I said was confusing, perhaps this song will be useful: Princess Bride Theme Song by Mark Knopfler


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