Princess Bride Re-Analysis

(PBR) analysis by Denise Bartolome

betrayal of a laughing kind

Vizzini "the Sicilian" who died laughing thinking that he had fooled Westley in a game of wits (p.165)

I was really angry when I found out that Simon Morgenstern is actually a pseudonym and narrative device by William Goldman and that the country of Florin isn’t really a country. He duped me. But it was alright because the joke was on myself. The only thing that makes me angry is that I told a friend about how the book is an adaptation of a much longer work written centuries ago by someone named Morgenstern. Fun fact fail. At least it was just one person. I like to share fun facts with people and I’m glad I didn’t share with too many people yet. If I did, I would have been 20 degrees of anger more angry.


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